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  • How to go through all her tests

    If your girl creates problems out of the blue, maybe she is just checking you. Here is a guide on how to pass those tests.

    Test for confidence

    After the date, the girl answers on one SMS out of three and is busy all the time? Perhaps you have shown self-doubt and female instincts have become wary. Now she checks whether it was an accident or it was easy to bring you out of balance.

    How to pass it. The golden rule: if there is no obvious reason for her cooling off or resentment, just reflect her behavior.

    Test for domination

    Does she angry and argue any of your opinions? Perhaps you are too easy for her. And she needs her father equivalent to order her and buy her toys. This often happens with girls from single-parent families.

    How to pass it. It would be a mistake to soften the edges. You just give her some fuel for broomstick on which she flies. Pull her up, give her reprimands, and raise her like a child. Unless, of course, you do like psychological incest.

    Test for reliability

    Her parrot is sick with caries, and the bank requires paying off a loan for lipstick? You showed indifference to some of her problems, and now she is checking whether she can rely on you.

    How to pass it. Throw yourself at the solution of her problem, while discussing in detail how she is turned out to be in such a situation. The girl will be convinced of your reliability, and after seeing your meticulousness, she will stop inventing new incidents.

    Test for patience

    She cannot think about sex for some reason, but you sleep together? She wants to make sure that not only sex is important to you, but also her rich inner world.

    How to pass it. Treat her with understanding, but mention how hard it is to change sex with her on vulgar porn sites. Any girl understands that the comparison with porn actresses is not always in her favor, and tries to distract you.

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