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  • Is text flirting cheating?

    Looks like we have good news for you!

    The British law firm Slater and Gordon commissioned a study to find out once and for all whether sexting is treason. Of course, if the one who texting is already married. (By the way, Slater and Gordon needed this not for entertainment, but to use it during divorce proceedings.)

    It would seem that if you are already in a relationship, it’s somehow not good to send dirty messages to another girl, or even photos. But not everyone thinks so. The survey involved 2150 people of both sexes, consisting of a stable relationship.

    So, the vast majority of women find sexting with a partner to be treason. Men were not so categorical: 34% of men surveyed do not believe that it is shameful to exchange sexual messages with someone. They called this kind of leisure not treason, but "non-binding entertainment."

    Now about the content of the correspondence: 62% of the total number of respondents said that even the most indecent, but a text message is a betrayal to a lesser extent than erotic selfies.

    Therefore, the next time you send emoji eggplant to a girl from a fitness club, know that 34% of British men support you. We hope that when your girlfriend gets a password from your phone, this fact will serve you as a consolation.

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