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  • ExoLover in a nutshell

    If you are constantly visiting our social clubs and our site but still don’t understand who we are and why we are existing, then I suggest you to read this text, where we will try to briefly explain what this this ExoLover thing is.

    Speaking in an official language, ExoLover is an innovative blockchain project where a new wave of sexual interaction integrated with sophisticated devices for adult entertainment has emerged. Well, let’s say the same thing, but in a simpler and understandable language…
    ExoLover is a platform where you can buy truly fantastic devices and get new sex sensations. You can do it even with your old sex toys by simply inserting our hardware in it. And that's not all. We have exosuits for sex, and your whole body can enjoy the process. Those things can imitate slightest nuances of the sexual act.

    You can also have sex with porn actors just by turning on the video, and your exosuit will repeat everything on the screen with your body.
    You are free to have sex with anyone and as you like, because everything is completely anonymous and no one will know what kind of devices you are synchronizing with. No one will find out about you and your personal data, since you don’t have to leave it to us.

    But most of our users are attracted by our own cryptocurrency — EXO Token. When you are having sex using ExoLover your devices work as a mining hardware. You can spend earned EXO Tokens to pay for a subscription, to buy devices, or simply to exchange for money, because our Token powered by Ethereum, and many of you already know about the pros of this currency.

    So, I think now it is clear to everyone that ExoLover is your opportunity to have a completely new and anonymous sex experience, both with living people and interactive …things, and at the same time earn cryptocurrency and embrace the future where virtuality, reality and sex connect together.

    #exolover #sex #cryptocurrency #entertainment #fun #future #token

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