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  • Curved penises

    On the Internet, I’ve found such a fact:

    In ancient Rome, straight and twisted penises were called “spears” and “crescents”, respectively, and in various obscene songs was stated that only crescent could satisfy insatiable Roman sluts - both those in lupanarium and those in Senate. It is interesting that the preference of a bent penis was already obvious then. Indeed, a slight bend of the penis helps to contact the walls of vagina more actively, those are not particularly sensitive, but can increase the sensitivity if you can awake nerves there.

    However, judging by the research of the Australian biologist Brian Maus, for women the most attractive penises are sizes from 12.8 to 14.2 centimeters in non-erect state.

    In conclusion — women like big but bent penises.
    Are there ladies who disagree with this statement here? Tell us what penises you like, and argue your point.

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