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  • How ExoLover will help you?

    ExoLover has a lot of key features, and all of them are aimed at neutralizing harmful effects from external factors that prevent you from having great sex.

    Hard work, fatigue, complexes, lack of free time, unsafety and uncertainty, fears and unhealthy life style are often lead to a lack of sexual life.
    But it’s not a problem anymore!

    ExoLover is a decentralized platform that allows you to find a suitable partner safely and make a sexual contact between two (or three?) of you.

    ExoLover has at its disposal devices as well, with which you can get mutual fully fledge sensations from a distance. Now you can find suitable partners anywhere in the world, and that means without leaving your room or bathroom of an airplane.

    You will have to send an invitation to the second partner, and he or she must confirm the desire to have sex with you. At the same time, thanks to the anonymity that we provide, you can not only be 59 y.o. John that become 19 y.o. Mary, but also feel the way that 19 y.o. Mary would meet Johnny “The Bald of the Brazzers” Sins at his best.

    We will remind you about fantastic perspectives and future sex options you will have with ExoLover in the next post.

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