• Hello, how do you relax after a hard day?

    Perhaps, sex is the best option! And what if there is no any partner next to you?
    Maybe, a dildo can help, but it, probably, has already bored you. It's important to feel a partner during sex, isn’t it? His touches & hugs...

    And what if we offer to have real sex with a partner anywhere in the world, just connecting to our platform? You need only to put on your ExoSuit, placing all these cute, little things on your erogenous zones. After that run the application on your cell and immerse yourself in a world of pleasure, where all the hidden fantasies are realized.

    You can choose one of the proposed scenarios or connect with a living partner with similar interests. Just imagine what emotions and feelings await you! And now you are ready, after a long waiting, to feel everything on your body that is happening on the phone screen. ExoDevices transmit impulses and your body feels everything from tender embraces and stroking at the very beginning to slaps and passionate breath of a partner. The picture almost comes to life and you feel that his tender strong hands clasp your bums. He enters you on the screen, and you feel inside, as the dildo repeats these sweet, rhythmic movements. A little confused by such realistic sensations, you dissolve into them with your head, unable to interfere. Breathing deeply, you understand that the peak of pleasure is close and, submissively, you submit to your desires. Without looking away from the screen, you command your ExoFeel and the devices connected to your suit produce the last impulses from which you experience a voluptuous orgasm. With your heart beating and moaning that almost turns into screaming, you spread out into a blissful smile, looking at the last moments of sexual contact on the phone screen ...

    And now you know how to relax! We have so many interesting scenarios for you and, of course, the partners who are hungry for communication too ... ‏ — feeling pretty
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