• The first sex toys

    The first dildo was discovered in the Paleolithic era and was more intended for a religious cult than for sexual pleasure. It was made of solid rock, later dildos from stones, bones were found. They were in the same demand as combs and suchlike everyday objects. There was no puritanical morality back in those days.

    In ancient times, dildos gained incredible popularity as evidenced by the worship of Dionysus by Greeks and Romans. The rituals included noisy processions led by the wooden image of Dionysus with attached phallus - symbol of fertility.

    Dildos served as doctors for a long time - healed women from hysteria, although this turned out to be a delusion believed even by Hippocrates. Dildos were already covered with animal skin or gut in these times in order to give naturalness to masturbation.

    In Chinese harems husbands did not have time to pay attention to all of the wives and provided them with artificial penises that were cast from bronze and other metals.

    The use of dildos has continued throughout the history of mankind, there are no limits to enhancement, we offer to try new sensations and go further together with exolovers.club!
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