• Want to become a porn actress?

    Not so long ago, an interesting study was published in the Journal of Sex Research. The essence of which is to find out how good is life of porn actresses.

    There were 2 samples - 177 porn actresses with experience of more than 3 years and a control group of not porn actresses. And the groups were equalized by age, ethnicity and wealth of course.

    The results shows that porn actresses, unlike the control group have:
    - higher self-esteem;
    - been less depressed;
    - more friends (well, this is not surprising somehow);
    - 3 times more chances to get an orgasm;
    - better financial security in general;
    - better sleep;
    - a greater number of marriages and serious relationships with men (again, not surprising);
    - been more religious;
    - a greater percentage of bisexuality among them (which is not bad in modern world);
    - fewer psychological problems;
    - more satisfaction with their bodies;
    - almost the same level of education as the second control group.

    The only "bad" difference from the other control group comes down to the fact that porn actresses have much greater experience with taking drugs. However, it’s just because of their attempts to try narcotics more but not the addiction issue.

    So, have you already made a portfolio to apply for some porn studio?

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