• After sex rules of conduct for men

    The golden rule of sex: the ending you will remember the best!

    1. Even if you are immediately ready for the next round, she has the right to count for at least a ten-minute pause.
    2. Women are getting excited longer, but leave the excitement slowly. After orgasm, the cervix remains ajar and reduced for another 20-25 minutes. At this time, the girl wants to be cuddled.
    3. Despite the worldwide fight against smoking, it is impossible to hide the fact that co-smoking after sex brings together more than the sex itself.
    4. If you intend to send your lady home, bring coffee, chat with her and call a taxi. Try to be these forty minutes as attentive as you were this evening. And no matter how lazy for you to get out into the street, you will have to take her to the taxi no matter what.
    5. If you couldn’t cum, don’t focus on this unfortunate fact. If you used a condom, this is a great opportunity to imitate any orgasm and then just quietly throw out this empty container.
    6. Tell her that you will call only if you are actually going to do it.
    7. Do not rush to the bathroom immediately after sex: she will have a feeling that you subconsciously consider this business dirty.
    8. And it is not necessary to force a girl to go there if she prefers to roll on pillows, enjoying the sensations. If you have a pack of wet wipes on the bedside table, she may well be satisfied with them.
    9. Do not turn on either the phone or the answering machine the first twenty minutes after sex. This is still your personal time.
    10. If you are at her place and she is not driving you away, but you still decided to retire, say that you have to get up early tomorrow and be in a meeting not far from your house unfortunately. Do not leave without explanation.
    11. If you spent the night together and in the morning your partner looks as if she decided to stay with you forever, the best way of an unobtrusive break up is this: invite her to have breakfast at some nice cafe in the city center, and after breakfast say goodbye to the young lady with a clear conscience.

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