• How to touch girl’s breasts

    Today is International Women's Day, and for you, dear ladies, we have prepared a gift - we will teach your partners how to touch your breasts properly.

    Come from the back

    It would seem that the view on the breast is better if you are standing in front of the girl, since the vast majority of women have the breast in front. The view, of course, is better, but tactile contact is worse. The most convenient way to wrap a girl’s breasts is when you sneak up behind her (although for a start it would be nice to get to know her). The advantage of this approach is that in addition to a comfortable grip, the girl also senses your presence by the buttocks.

    Give each one of the breast the same amount of time and energy.

    Imagine you have two cats at home. One of them would be offended if you will pet only other one. This works also with a female breast. Women are very sensitive to caresses, and you need to repeat exactly what you did the first time with the second breast.

    Wet her

    One of the benefits of having sex in a bathroom is that wet skin becomes more sensitive to touch. This thesis is true in relation to the breast. Soap will do the trick - the main thing is for your hands to slide over the girl's breasts. You can also use massage oil: it is increases the sensitivity of the skin just like water with soap.

    Don't take off her bra

    At least for a while. Stimulation of the breast through the bra can bring an unusual sensation to girl due to friction of the fabric against the skin. The main thing here is not to overdo it. Do not squeeze the breasts in the bra too much and do not get carried away with the procedure for more than a few minutes. Girls do not like it when they rub their breasts with their own bra until it hurts.

    Increase the level of rudeness

    Yes, each breast is individual of course. But one rule applies to almost everyone: increase the rate of rudeness of touch. If you immediately grab the tits with a rough grip, then you risk becoming a victim of domestic violence, and secondly, you will immediately reduce the sensitivity of the girl’s breasts. So, if you suddenly come to mind a little later to gently touch breasts, the girl will remain indifferent. Therefore, start with a gentle teasing touch, then move on to confident stroking, and let light tingling of the nipples to the climax.

    Bonus! Not for everyone: show some engine

    Warning: this technique is valid only with your old friend or girlfriend who loves American comedies! And girl's breast should be no less than size two.

    The essence of the “engine” technique is simple: put your face between the girl’s breasts and, depicting the sound of a motor, shake your head right and left. After this you can be considered either a funny guy, or a pervert - depending on whether the girl has a sense of humor or how drunk she is.

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