• 8 things that your girlfriend hates, but does not tell you about it

    Things women can't stand, although you always thought they loved

    Joint bath

    It is obvious that the bath of the standard size was not conceived by nature as storage for two human individuals.

    Giant stuffed animals

    A huge teddy bear will occupy living space for years collecting dust, and he cannot even be told: “Find a job!”

    Flower delivery to work

    First, it’s a cliché. Second, an attractive colleague who showed me tricks with a stapler is now aware that I have someone. Third, my female colleagues are now placing buttons on my desk and looking at me over their monitors. Yeah. Thanks for the flowers.

    Your female friend

    Even if you have never had anything with her and never will, she is still a woman. And this regrettable fact will always keep me in suspense.

    Spooning sleeping

    It is impossible to achieve high-quality sleep if a snoring creature clings to you with a tight grip.

    A T-shirt that your mom bought you

    Of course, I will say that the shirt with "My son is a King" on it is cool and funny. Because I am a good girl and do not swear.

    When you find inspiration in porn movies

    Porn movies are a business. Often the actors are having sex in uncomfortable positions that allow them to demonstrate everything. So stop lifting me above your head, standing on one leg during sex!

    When you do not ask for sex

    It’s great that you respect my rights and personality of course, and do not insist on sex ... But in general, the hell with it! The more often you ask, the more I become convinced of my own attractiveness.

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