• Dear Friends!

    We are glad to inform you that work on the project is in the active phase of the implementation of the MVP version.

    The MVP version contains three devices: one ExoWand, one ExoThrust, and Master Module.

    ExoWand is a device for females with the thrust function, vibration of the main trunk, heated for comfort and finger like vibration to stimulate the clitoris. Each function has several preset patterns and can be configured individually in manual mode.

    ExoThrust is a device for males with the function of thrust and vibration in the genitaliaarea. Each function has several preset patterns and can be configured individually in manual mode.

    The Master Module is a wearable device that provides an anonymous, synchronous and secures user connection. It has a built-in feature Heart Beat. This feature allows you and your partner to see the rhythm of your hearts beating in real time. Sounds amazing, isn’t it? We all know that in an everyday situation, our heartbeat is 60-70 per minute; did you know that this rate reaches 180 beats per minute during orgasm?!

    To confirm the ExoLover hypotheses, the MVP version of the application will contain several porn video scenes synchronized with devices, one sex art for trial and the first version of Manual Mode.

    As part of the monetization of the project, a blockchain billing module will be implemented for carrying out transactions during connections and service for replenishing connections.

    Currently state of completion:

    The MVP version for Android is 50% ready.

    PCB hardware manufactured, assembled and debugging now. The test screens are being prepared for the motors test on the software side.

    The blockchain billing module is ready, deployed in a test environment and waiting for testing in the Ethereum Ecosystem when the platform is ready.

    We are aware of the fact that the absence of any news breeds suspicion about the absence of the project itself. Recently, in some groups, we are seeing messages that our project is a scam. We are responding to this subscribers’ disappointment with restraint understanding the impatience.

    Unfortunately, the development of the project is tedious and exacting and as such the time being taken is objectively justified by the complexity of the project. A very few significant amount of work has been realized during quite a long period of time as there is on-going developmental and implementation work being undertaken to the hardware, the product design and the functionality of the MVP version of the application.

    We anticipate that the process of assembly and testing prototypes will take another two months, we trust your understanding and further patience as we complete the MVP version.

    Victor Ubugunov
    Founder - CEO
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