• 8 amazing facts about sex

    And they are all true!

    Much has been written about sex, and more research has been done. Scientists from all over the world consider it their duty to study the topic of sex life up and down. We have collected the most amazing research and facts about sex for you.

    1. Women in a lesbian relationship are more likely to have an orgasm.
    2. Female animals sometimes look unattractive to avoid harassment and ward off unwanted male attention, sometimes sacrificing the opportunity to attract the best male.
    3. A quarter of all men imitated orgasm at least once in their lives.
    4. A woman in red is considered as a potential threat because she is more interested in sex, according to other women.
    5. People who often watch porn are more tend to feminism. In general, scientists have found that boys and girls that watch pornographic content more often begin to have more respect for women over time.
    6. Men who have had more than 20 sexual partners are less susceptible to disease and will live longer.
    7. Perfect sex should last from 15 to 20 minutes.
    8. Scientists from the Maastricht University of the Netherlands give humanity 35 years to enter a new reality. They claim that by 2050 people will be able to marry robots and have sex with them as well.

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