• How to watch porn with your girlfriend and not look like a pervert in front of her

    After all, joint porn viewing brings together!

    Prepare yourself carefully

    And we are not talking about the standard set (like wine and candles), but about gadgets. Do not watch porn on your smartphone, better use a laptop. Nothing will spoil the moment, like an idiotic text message from a friend (and even worse - from a girlfriend) or an advertising newsletter about the penis increasing.

    Start with softcore

    If your girl is 6% who watch porn daily, then perhaps you can skip this point. But in any case, you should not put pressure on her - first turn on some bold erotic film. If the girl’s reaction is normal and she didn’t run away from your apartment as if from a fire, proceed to the next step.

    Think not only about yourself

    Give preference to something traditional - for example, sex in nature. And best of all, invite the girl to choose the genre herself. So it will be easier for you to understand her preferences. Do not criticize the girl’s choice in no case and do not tell her that you have seen something like this at school and have reached a different level long ago as well.

    Do not rush

    Do not forget that women need a little more time to get excited by watching a video than you do. So take a spy position and ask which part of the video she liked, and which is better to skip. What name will she take if she was a porn star?

    Be realistic

    The most important thing in porn is a happy ending. But remember that your girlfriend is not an actress from adult films and not all the tricks she can do, but some she doesn’t even want to repeat. Never force her to do what she does not want, and do not expect that watching porn will immediately inspire her to new experiments such as threesomes. Let her say what she wanted to try, and immediately proceed to action.

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