• Should you be friends with your ex or not?

    Scientists have an answer to this

    Before you offer your ex-girlfriend friendship, check this study out.

    A new study answered a question that tormented everyone who had ever been in a relationship with anyone: should I be friends with my ex?
    The study was led by a specialist in social psychology, Dr. Justin Lehmiller. He received at his full psychological disposal 350 people aged from 20 to 30.

    They all compiled a list of reasons why it makes sense to maintain relationships with an ex. After analyzing all the opinions, the Lehmiller team identified 7 main reasons:

    1. sentimentality;
    2. pragmatism;
    3. love;
    4. children or other mutual belongings;
    5. remained platonic sympathy remains;
    6. maintaining social status;
    7. quick access to a sexual partner.

    Then, the study participants were asked to explain the reason why they maintain relations with an ex. It turned out that the most popular reason to continue friendship is sentimentality. But pragmatism - for example, delicious food, which was in a girl’s refrigerator, or her hot roommate — is in the last place. The remaining points are harmoniously distributed between these extreme ones.

    Also, all study participants passed personality tests. It turned out that most often they were friends with ex those who were inclined to manipulate others and find a personal gain in everything. So do not relax if your ex every now and then offers to drink coffee, - perhaps she only needs your ability to perfectly make macchiato from you.

    Actually, when answering the question of whether it is worth making friends with an ex, pay attention to your motivation. At least, that was the conclusion that Dr. Lehmiller came to during the course of the study. That is if you are guided by material gain or are in search of meaningless spending time in bed together, make friends with an ex as much as you (and she) like.

    But if you have a sentimental reason, it is better to abstain from friendship. Otherwise, you risk becoming a victim of your own unrequited feelings for the ex.

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