• The survey found out what a woman tells her friends about sex with you

    Spoiler alert: a lot!

    In an ideal world, everything that happens between you and your girlfriend in bed (or, if you're lucky, between you, your girlfriend and her girlfriend), remains strictly between you. In reality, some rather piquant details, more often, become the property of the trusted circle of faces of your girlfriend. It may include her friends, mom, colleagues, a manicurist, a neighbor from the fifth floor, and a few other people who have been looking at you in some strange way lately.

    American dating service VictoriaMilan conducted a study asking 8,407 women from 21 countries about the details of their sex life that they discuss with friends. The list is so impressive!

    Not so long ago, we wrote about how long sexual intercourse should last. But unfortunately, not all the girls read this article, because it is the number of minutes (seconds? Hours?) That you indulged in passion is the most popular topic for discussion over a cup ... of what they are drinking there.

    The size
    Keep in mind that women appreciate not only the exterior of the subject of your pride but also its technical characteristics, that is, how skillfully you use your centimeters.

    In order not to become a subject of discussion, simply voice your preferences to each other. But do not forget that the final word is still yours. Even if she insists that she wants you to have a pubic topiary in the form of a poodle, you can strongly refuse. Hungarian Shepherd, do not settle for less!

    Taste and smell
    Obviously, this is a very important factor during sex, if girls talk about it so often. And, be sure, the smallest details are discussed: perfume or its absence, the smell of cigarettes or alcohol, the taste of the skin, the purity of the body, yesterday’s pistachio stuck in the hair ...

    So try to smell good, to be well-groomed, to have a penis of impressive size and to have super ability to have sex for hours. Of course, your girlfriend will tell friends about you no less, but surely with a different tone!

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