• 5 basic rules for great shower sex

    Sex in the shower is not as simple as it seems!

    It would seem that sex in the soul does not require special preparation and compliance with the rules, this is just ordinary sex, just in the shower. Nothing like this!

    1. Prepare the scenery
    The bathroom, like any other room, will look much more festive and elegant if you clean it in advance and place lighted candles. Even if these trifles seem insignificant to you, be sure that they are important for the girl.

    2. Use soap
    And make sure it's soap but not the liquid one or a shower gel. Shower gel due to a large number of oils in it will reduce the sensitivity of the skin, but soap, on the contrary, will increase it. We hope you're not very ticklish.

    3. Its oral sex time!
    It is time to dispel the prejudice that shower sex is quick sex. On the contrary, as in ordinary sex, there should be a place for a prelude, for which oral sex is quite suitable. Ask the girl to lean on the faucet with one hand, and with the other on the shower cabin and raise her leg if possible. You just have to kneel down. In addition, many girls who neglect oral sex with a partner do not mind doing it in the shower. Firstly, they understand that the partner is clean as never before, and secondly, a lot of water greatly facilitates their work, so to speak.

    4. Choose the position carefully
    The most obvious and most advantageous position in the cramped space of the shower cabin is when standing, face to face, the girl wraps her legs around the man. The advantage of this pose is that it creates an intimate tension because you can look into each other’s eyes. The disadvantage of this pose is that you need to actually hold your partner. A much safer position is doggy style.

    5. Grab a lubricant
    The water is not an effective lubricant, so let it be it the bathroom at the same time as you. But only on a silicone basis.

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