• Cons of five popular positions from women’s point of view

    Once you relaxed and decided that she liked everything, but this article caught your eye.

    A survey conducted by Women's Health took part in 1,200 women. They were asked to specify their likes and dislikes in sex - to name their favorite and least favorite sex positions. Get ready to find out the truth, after which sex will never be the same again.

    So, five unloved by women sex positions in descending order.

    05. “69”
    The girls interviewed said that it was impossible to satisfy and enjoy at the same time. But we have a counterargument with which you can’t argue: the pose “69” saves time!

    04. Missionary position
    It is not popular because of the inability of some men to correctly transfer weight to their hands. So keep a close eye on where your bulk is located during missionary pleasures. Perhaps the girl's face is not contorted with pleasure, but with fear of being crushed.

    03. Reverse cowgirl
    Of course, the view on the partner’s …back is good. But still, nature did not plan to tilt the penis at such an angle.

    02. Cowgirl
    This position allows men to have fun lying down and doing nothing! But, as it turned out, the girls, among whom - you will not believe it - are often found insecure ones, do not really want to be the center of your close attention. You have to resort to tough measures - turn off the light.

    01. Doggy style
    Since in the position in which the woman stands on all fours and the man takes her from behind, the penetration is especially deep, you can accidentally reach the cervix and thereby give the girl not the most pleasant minutes. Therefore, our advice to you: in this position, you will have to be extremely careful and calm.

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