• 10 mistakes when using a condom

    We will tell you how to avoid fatal mistakes when using the most basic male accessory - a condom.

    01 The absence of a condom
    The first mistake when using a condom is its total absence. And right this night when you managed to make the most gorgeous blonde in the bar laugh with a joke. In general, do not leave home without a condom. Life is full of surprises.

    02 Ignoring expiration date
    An expired condom, even for a month, needs to be destroyed immediately. The lubricant is not the same, and latex knew better times.

    03 Attempt to put a condom on an incompletely erected penis
    A condom worn on a semi-erect penis during sex will begin to live its own life, stretching too far in the wrong places and risking tearing or jumping off. To control condom behavior, you need a fully erect penis. Wait until you get one, and only then put on a condom.

    04 Using a condom only at some points
    A condom will work properly only if you use it throughout your sexual intercourse. Half measures are fraught with fatal consequences.

    05 Using the same condom for multiple sexual acts
    One condom - one performance. This is the harsh math of safe sex.

    06 Using two condoms at the same time “for greater safety”
    A very, very bad idea. Firstly, no, your penis will not be bigger using two condoms. Secondly, due to constant friction on each other's surface, condoms are almost guaranteed to tear. We do not recommend checking.

    07 Use of oils and creams instead of lubricants
    Oils and creams brutally crack latex. Therefore, use silicone or water-based lubricants.

    08 Pulling the condom all the way
    The tip of the condom designed to show you that even after fitting the condom to the penis, it should remain vacant. Attempts to pull the condom to the very end lead to a fracture of its surface.

    09 A pause too long before removing a condom
    Erection could disappear very quickly. And if it begins to disappear right inside the partner, the condom will be able to slip treacherously.

    10 Filling a condom with water and dropping it on the heads of passers-by
    What are you, twelve?! Really?! It is too early for you to be here, come back when you will be fourteen.

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