• 5 reasons why your man does not want intimacy with you

    Everyone immediately thinks that he has a different woman. But for men, this behavior is natural, and may not be associated with cheating.

    1. Excessive Fatigue
    Overwork and stress are doing their job. These factors are the enemies of every person. It is because of this we have absolutely no time left for family, friends, parents.
    Arriving home, a person wants peace. An ideal option for him would be if he was left alone for at least 30 minutes. Even the strongest men can get tired of everything.

    2. Diseases
    Even a common cold can lead to a refusal of sex. It is also known that hormonal abnormalities and malfunctions in the cardiovascular system can lead to the unwillingness of intimacy at a certain point.

    3. Modern technology
    You sat down to check your mailbox for only 10 minutes - and spent two hours there. Sometimes it happens that a person falls into a real addiction to gadgets. Such people can sit in front of the screen for days.

    4. You
    A man constantly lingers somewhere, spends a lot of time at work and with friends.
    The reason for this may be the excessive sexuality of partner or, vice versa, the lack of initiative from women.
    It is necessary to stop accumulating your sexual powers for a certain day. However, constantly getting into bed is also not an option. There should be a middle ground in everything.

    5. Intimacy is present, but not here
    Some men tend to change ladies like the wind. If you began to notice the estrangement behind your loved one, then most likely he had a lover.
    In any case, if you notice such behavior, you should just watch him.
    Naturally, he cannot be tired constantly. If your partner refuses sex regularly, then you can try to bring him into a frank conversation.
    Ask him what is wrong. Perhaps he was tired of the monotony. Get beautiful underwear, master the skills of striptease. That should definitely stir him up.
    If all of the above methods do not help, then most likely he actually got another woman.

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