• 5 very bad boys who are still hot

    “Yes, he probably had a thousand women!” Oh really? Is this true? Interesting, what did this thousand women saw in him? I need to take a closer look.

    At least he is relaxed, and keep everything positive, he will always find time for us. Of course, it would be better to build relationships with men trying to succeed, purposeful and active ... But with this you can go to the countryside and spend a week there in a hammock, holding hands and looking at the sky. And he will not rush anywhere!

    A guest from the edge of life.
    You cannot expel pity and sympathy from a woman. And yes, we often like saving fallen people and comforting those deprived of fate.

    I have suspicions that instead of the Maldives we will go to New Jersey, and not by Tesla, but by bus. But how beautiful he is lying! Besides, maybe Tesla is really in the shop because I saw a nut from it on his bedside table.

    Dumb model.
    Yes, for sure. A man can only be slightly prettier than a monkey and all that. But we, unfortunately, also have eyes. And he has the torso of an athlete, the hands of a pianist and the divine ass.

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