• 5 porn habits that you most likely don't notice

    Do not ask how we found out about them. And get your left hand off your face!

    You think that what happened between you and that hot beauty from the adult site will remain between you and your laptop. But all your moves are recorded! Pornhub experts analyzed the behavior of users on the site and made conclusions about their habits. And some of them are very curious!

    Porn cartoons are very popular
    “Hentai” requests on Pornhub are in the 13th and 17th places in frequency. Moreover, millennials are 190% more likely than other age groups to look for hentai and 130% for anime.

    The most popular day is Monday
    The beginning of the week is a source of stress. Is there a better way to relax than an adult site? Pornhub knows the answer because it is on Monday that the site has the highest attendance rates. And on Saturday the lowest of course.

    Average time - 10 minutes
    To be more precisely, 9 minutes 10 seconds. That is how much time an average visitor spends on a site. Although for those over 35, this time increases by a whole minute! For them, it is 10 minutes 15 seconds.

    The main sex symbol - Kim Kardashian
    This is what 69% of site visitors are interested in. And for Kim Kardashian, she was looking for 93 million times. Although on Pornhub there is one single video with her. Hey, where are you going?

    We are the mobile generation
    It's hard to believe, but the era when to watch a movie for adults, you had to go to the cinema, ended not so long ago. Now even porn on the computer seems like something old. According to statistics, 33% go to Pornhub from laptops or desktop computers, 60% do it from smartphones. (Of course, we are interested in the remaining 7%, but there is no information about them. Suspicious!)

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