• First date dinner rules for men

    A set of unshakable basic rules for the first date at a restaurant.

    The girl should be the first
    She is the first one who gets into the car, enters the restaurant and making an order. And if for some reason they brought you a dish earlier than her, wait until the waiter sets a plate of food in front of the girl.

    Do not order a salad!
    According to a survey conducted by the Daily Mail, every fifth woman believes that a man who ordered only salad is a wimp. Meat is still considered the most courageous meal.

    Before ordering meat, make sure that your companion is not a vegetarian. She is unlikely to want to deal with a bloodthirsty murderer.

    Slow down
    Men eat faster than women, so it is in nature. This is not the case, try to eat more slowly. In the end, you didn’t come here to eat, but to listen to stories from her biography.

    Ask questions
    Questions will let the girl understand that she is no less interesting to you than a steak, languidly spread out on a plate in front of you.

    A maximum of two shots of alcohol
    One shot of alcohol is enough to break the ice, two drinks are enough to giggle stupidly together. The third is if you want to fight with other visitors to the bar.

    Seriously, few people can maintain their sanity after the third shot of alcohol. We do not recommend checking on the first date whether you belong to this chosen minority.

    Pay the bill
    Even if you reside in the society “Feminism is the path to progress”, forget about it for one evening. Paying the bill by a man remains the basic point of courtship for a girl.

    And the more inconspicuously you pay, the better you will become in her eyes. This is not the time to sit over the bill with a calculator in hand and exclaim: "Can you can imagine? They are taking money for bread!"

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