• Scientists called three conditions under which a woman is guaranteed to achieve orgasm

    It seems that the crusade for female orgasm is nearing completion!

    The female orgasm is one of the most beautiful phenomena in the world. And if you never happened to witness his appearance, then we sincerely sympathize with you.

    Is it any wonder that most adult men devote their days not to sports or career, but to searching for female orgasm? But, unlike the male one, the female orgasm is constantly slipping away, even if it was still nearby yesterday.

    Fortunately for male self-esteem, science does not standstill. Scientists and doctors are constantly thinking about ways in which a man will be able to more easily and efficiently give pleasure to a woman (or even to wife) that he likes.

    Kinsey Institute researchers have collaborated with Indiana researchers at Chapman University. The work was truly global: through joint efforts, scientists analyzed the questionnaires of 52 thousand women aged 18 to 64 years, consisting of monogamous relationships.

    Actually, the main question that worried scientists was about exactly how the partners of the respondents bring them to orgasm. When the analytical part was completed, scientists were able to conclude. It turned out that for a woman to achieve orgasm, three conditions are necessary:

    1. Passionate kisses.
    2. Oral sex.
    3. Use of hands.

    If the partner observes these three conditions, the probability of orgasm increases many times. You know what to do.

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