• What is ExoLover?

    ExoLover is a Safe Online Sex Platform that allows you to synchronize the content played on your smartphone (video, audio, or any action on the screen) with sex toys.

    We call this technology “See It Feel It” whatever you see happening on the screen you will feel on your body; which allows you to interact with other users online and transmit realistic sexual sensations.

    Its completely anonymous platform allows you to go as far as possible in your fantasies; you are protected from any kind of unwilling sexual contact,, violence and aggression, you can exit the connection at any time you want while still being safe in your bedroom.

    The ExoLover architecture of innovative sex toys allows you to control up to 40 devices placed on your body at the same time.

    Decentralization of the Platform also allows related businesses to implement their services using its built-in cryptocurrency payment system; for example, webcam models, porn video providers, sexologists, sex trainers, sex enthusiasts, etc ... can all participate and interact with users.

    ExoLover Revolution

    We all understand that sex and sexual sensations are not just what happens to our genitals during sex play; rather a complexity of physical effects on various erogenous zones of our body, and most importantly what happens in our mind as we see, smell, feel, imagine and secretly dream.

    It is difficult to overestimate how sexual satisfaction or lack of it affects our daily lives. A lot of people all over the world suffer from loneliness and sexual dissatisfaction, and the rhythm of modern life does not make it possible for them to organize a regular and safe sex life.
    Up to 30 percent of modern couples do not have sexual satisfaction which is a cause of adultery and divorce.

    There are many horrific stories on the Internet about people using sexual adventure apps which puts them at risk of disclosing their personal data and further risk of physical abuse. All of these and many other factors were considered when the ExoLover Community was being developed.

    ExoLover Toys

    Each and every day more and more people are buying sex toys in the hope of diversifying their daily sex lives.

    Around the world sex toys are found in every second bedroom, many of them often unused; our goal is to get them to be used many times daily as we make the world usage of sex toys more open, safe, creative, and above all fun.

    The sex toy industry is a large and rapidly growing industry with an annual turnover of more than $ 15 billion; another associated industry that is even more impressive in terms of performance is porn.

    Since we know how to integrate sex toys so that they can interact with each other; our idea is to free the hands of a multimillion army of porn lovers by giving them ExoLover devices capable of simultaneously reproducing what is happening on the screen, giving sex toys fans the opportunity to experience full-fledged sexual sensations backed by visual, physically tangible experiences.

    Just imagine the world shrouded in the thinnest threads of electronic connections with every bedroom connect to smart sex devices; where you can be anyone you want to be, in any form, and find a partner/partners for sex without boundaries, rules and restrictions; a fantasy world where you do not reveal who you really are.

    ExoLover the Platform for adult adventures.

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