• The Main Components of the Exolover Platform

    ExoLover is a Platform which enables the sexual satisfaction of many people around the world.

    Any user, wherever they are, will be able to find a partner for remote sex adventure and receive and transfer the fullness and depth of sexual feelings using a wide selection of sex toys built around our technology.

    Using our Platform in conditions of absolute anonymity, you can appear as anyone you want to be (yourself or your fantasy avatar) without fear of being revealed or rejected. After all, all online users are already waiting when you knock on their bedroom door to go on another sexual adventure. The Platform we are developing includes a mobile application, state-of-the-art smart sex toys and a blockchain module which ensures your anonymity.

    The ExoLover App is your window into the world of amazing, limitless and safe sex.

    From the first click, the friendly and convenient navigation of the Application will take care of your anonymity and security. And immediately after registration you will be whirling in a circle of rooms where other users are eagerly waiting for partners for sex. You can open any door you like and see what fun you can participate in this or another room. And if you want to find something that really turns you on, then choose a porn video to your own taste and create your own room; in the room you created, you can invite a familiar partner, get a safe sex with a stranger or just enjoy solo connect – sex with a robot (Platform special algorithm).

    The Platforms innovative architecture allows us to control many sex toys driven by porn at the same time, which allows us to most reliably transmit sensations very similar to those that we get with normal sexual intimacy.

    For example, on the video of your choice you see the actor caresses the breast of his partner, then falls to the pubis, proceeds to caress her clitoris and after some time enters into it... all the action you see in the video is mimicked by the smart sex toys which are synchronized to it.

    Firstly, ExoTouch (breast caress) turns on, next ExoTator (clitoris stimulator) turns on, and after a while, ExoWand and ExoThrust (penetration) come into action driven by porn video.

    ExoBeat (the Master Module) monitors the rhythm of your heartbeat and transmit it to your partner, and you also experience and see the change of their heart rhythm during a remote sexual connection. And even feel their heartbeat through a vibromotor on your wrist.

    Do you know that when an orgasm is reached, the frequency of your heart rate can reach 180 beats per minute? ... All the devices involved in this particular connection will synchronize with the porn video to change the intensity of their work. I foresee your question - “And how does your devices distinguish the gender of the connection participants? ...”. We will return to this issue in more detail in the article “On Advanced Project Features” ...

    The use of cryptocurrency makes it possible to motivate users via our Reward Fund of 30 million tokens; which randomly rewards one of the two users sex connect with 150% of their connection cost with a proprietary algorithm.

    Each Platform user receives 3 free tokens each month; which is why you can
    “Watch Porn and Make Money” which come from the Reward Fund, token rewards are automatically credited to your account for further usage.
    The Platforms built-in smart contract “Proof of Connect” reliably protects your account from theft and also motivates manufacturer to provide new content as they know they will be paid for its usage.

    By using a blockchain in the Exolover Platform we are able to significantly expand connections to many other services, such as the services of a sexologist, sex therapist, sex trainers, webcam models and individuals producing their own content.

    Given the growth potential of the tokens exchange rate, the use of tokens as a payment medium can be very profitable for businesses providing their services on the Platform. The influx of new users increases demand for Exo's Lovers / Tokens which will also positively affect its attractiveness.
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