• ExoLover Application How it Works

    ExoLover is an online sex platform which allows you to synchronize smartphone content
    (video, audio or screen action) with sex toys; you can also interact with other users online and transmit real sexual feelings.

    To enable this, we have developed the ExoLover mobile application; this is your portable assistant and navigator in the world of online sex.

    On the main page of the application you can look into rooms already created by others and decide who you will share a fascinating adventure with.

    Having looked through the keyhole, you will see what surprises the owner of the room has in store for you and other details to arouse you.

    Don’t find anything you like, doesn’t matter; go to the catalog, select a video that turns you on and create your own room; before long someone will be peaking in you room, and ....

    When creating a room, you choose the rooms format; public — your room is accessible to any user, or private — only invited partners can enter your room.

    Once connected to the mobile application attached devices synchronously reproduce everything happening on your partners device. If they are using ExoBeat you can feel and experience their heartbeat as it increases to orgasm. After sex you can compare your heart rhythms intensity and theirs.

    You will be amazed as you experience the thrill of ExoBeat as your heart rate and your partners reaches 180 beats per minute as you fastly approach orgasm.

    Patience friends the last improvements are being implemented and then its test, test and more tests leading up to the long-awaiting release of the ExoToys.

    In the next article, we will tell you more about the ExoToys which will connect to the Platform.

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