• How ExoLover Devices Work

    Making remote sex feel like real physical contact

    The content selected by users plays in sync, enabling participants to adjust to the frequency of the expected sensations. The innovative architecture of the devices allows simultaneous device control so that sensations can be felt in real time and produce the desired effect similar to that derived from a live sexual experience.

    For example, if in the video you have chosen, the actor caresses a partner's breasts, then goes down to the private area and begins caressing the clitoris and thereafter enters the vagina – all these sensations are synchronized with the video and our devices will simulate those sensations.

    Firstly, ExoTouch (breast caress) will turn on, then ExoTator (impact on the clitoris) will turn on and after a while ExoWand and ExoThrust (penetration) will turn on. ExoBeat \ Master Module throughout the entire connection will read the rhythm of your heartbeat and transmit it to your partner, you, in turn, will also be able to see how the heart rate changes and you can even feel it through the vibration motor on your wrist. Do you know that when you reach orgasm, your heart rate can reach 180 beats per minute? All devices involved in this particular connection will be synchronized with the video to change the intensity of the performance functions.

    To transmit and receive physical sensations during the connection, we use our devices ExoThrust, ExoWand, ExoTator, ExoTouch, ExoBeat \ Master Module. These are simple-looking, but they are extraordinary sex toys made using our advanced patented technology.

    ExoThrust is a masturbator with a thrust and vibration function. It has two motors - the main one for reciprocating movements and an additional vibration motor inserted into a silicone case to realistically simulate a vagina. The beads fixed on a movable bar tightly wrap around the silicone case and, with reciprocating movements, realistically convey the sensation of sexual intercourse. The vibration motor located in the head area can transmit additional sensations, for example, during oral sex.

    ExoWand is a vibrator with a trust and vibration function. It has three motors - the main one for reciprocating movements, two vibration motors located in the head of the device and a "finger" for additional stimulation of the clitoris, as well as a heating element also located in the head of the vibrator. The motor producing the reciprocating movements of the vibrator head realistically simulates the sensation felt during intercourse. The vibration motor and heating element located in the head area will complement your sensations. The vibration motor placed in the “finger” tightly fits the clitoris and complements the transmission of sensations.

    The ExoTator is a special device for influencing the clitoris with the function of suction and vibration. It has one vibration motor which creates suction and vibrating waves. Delicate silicone fits snugly against the clitoral hood for unforgettable pleasure.

    ExoTouch is a haptic device for transmitting tactile sensations, simulating impact on erogenous zones. Specially shaped to simulate finger touch and 15 vibration motors.
    The alternation of sequential and simultaneous switching on of the motors creates the illusion of touch and real physical caresses.

    ExoBeat \ Master Module – this device looks like an ordinary fitness tracker but has advanced options. With the further development of the project, it takes over the function of the Master Module and provides a convenient and secure login to the account. It plays the role of a Master device for accepting and distributing all ExoTrack commands, provides protection against interception of control over devices. At this stage, it reads and transmits the user's heart rate to the application and ExoBeat partner. The device is able to receive, show and reproduce the partner's heart rate using a vibration motor.
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