• Why do we dream of erotic dreams?

    Everything that affects our feelings and occurs in our subconscious is reflected in dreams. As you know, sexual part of life takes a lot of time and thoughts every day and there is no surprise that we dream of erotic dreams.

    Dreams with erotic overtones or full sexual intercourse are visited, mostly by men, and quite young men. Getting older, everything changes drastically. Young girls, with unawaken sexuality, may have frequently erotic dreams, but for mature and sophisticated women such dreams are common things.

    If you lack of sex, your partner does not satisfy you or unrealized fantasy and desire are accumulated, then that you have erotic dreams quite natural phenomena. Even if you saw yourself in a dream in a very depraved fantasy, don’t be afraid of it! The boundaries of decency, morality which are brought up in us is just a limitation. Bear in mind, there are no limits in dreams!

    We are not ready to discuss our sex life with our relatives, colleagues and even friends. Our club gives you a great opportunity, while participating in surveys, not only to share your fantasies and thoughts from the publications, but also affect the scenarios when using our EXO devices.
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